Stay Home with (multee) - Sophia Chang

Stay Home with (multee) - Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang is an artist, designer, multimedia storyteller, and entrepreneur whose portfolio spans from collaborating with A-list brands to co-founding a platform that spreads healthy living to the masses.

Sophia’s background includes an upbringing in Queens, NY, a BFA from Parsons School of Design, and a proclivity for business, design and art which has led her to collaborate with brands across multiple industries such as Samsung, Nike, adidas, Puma, Apple, NBA, and Topps to name a few. Expanding into design, wellness, and visual storytelling with her creative agency UNDO Lab and biannual print magazine UNDO Magazine, we’re inspired by the way Sophia effortlessly moves from one project to the next, inciting connection and innovation everywhere she goes. Sophia holds the gift of turning stories into art and is a champion for friends and brands alike.

Having admired Sophia’s powerful presence as a woman in business, design, and the arts, we had the pleasure of getting a peek into her life and brain to find out what’s she’s been up to this year and how she’s staying inspired and continuing to make an impact in the midst of it all.

1. Have you used art and/or design as a form of resistance when it comes to social justice? If so, how? As a strong woman artist, what does social justice mean to you?

I'm not much of an activist. I believe in a lifelong servitude through action and within our communities. I believe that the good fight has many amazing frontline soldiers who are using their gifts to vocalize and mobilize. For me, I'm passionate about the long haul and applying my skills of art and design to amplify voices and also support local causes. Using my skills to build platforms and bring together communities to support one another, offer resources, and propel growth.

2. With artists and brands working remotely for the foreseeable future, what are some ideas to maintain creative collaboration during this time?

I’ve worked for myself, by myself for many years so remote work isn't new for me. I think as we are spending more time in a digital atmosphere that will inevitably create new relationships and opportunities for people to collaborate. With a positive attitude and the belief that the future is bright by focusing on the big picture and the long marathon, there’s some great creative opportunities we've yet to conquer.

3. What part of a sneaker detail do you like the most or find the most interesting to design, but other people tend to overlook?

Overall the details matter, minor functional edits are my favorite. Purposeful design that's subtle speaks the loudest to me.

4. What practices help get you in a creative mindset when you’re just not feeling it?

These days since COVID I enjoy going for a dog walk, a quick 10 min yoga (I found this great youtuber named Yoga with Kassandra that’s a quick 10 min stretch), and a quick 5-10 minute breathwork or meditation :)

5. What’s been your favorite unexpected hobby picked up while staying at home?

Yoga and meditation :)



#StayHomewithmultee is a series aimed at capturing the people who have continued to inspire us as they navigate living, working, and creating from home. It highlights the sources they’re getting their creativity from as well as how they’re responding to the social justice movements at hand from the unique stay-at-home situation we’re all finding ourselves in.

All photos were safely taken by Ja Tecson at a distance while wearing a mask. Interviews were conducted via Zoom.