Stay Home with (multee) - Roderick Hunt

Stay Home with (multee) - Roderick Hunt

Roderick Hunt is a brand marketer, visual storyteller, and creative who's brought his talent and marketing strategies to brands such as Undefeated, Nike and Beats by Dre. As an extension of his creativity, Roderick began documenting his daily outfits and personal style on the side, building his own blog and brand through the Uniform Journal. His individual style and open mindedness to express himself freely keeps us curious to see what he’s up to next. Roderick lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Kristen, a fellow creative, where we had a chance to catch up with him and hear how he’s staying inspired during these months at home.

1. How has staying at home affected your creative process?

Staying at home hasn't affected my creative process much to be honest, but it has made me become a little more structured. Now that I'm focused on my day job in the same space that is normally reserved for my creative projects, I have to be more strategic about my approach.

 2.What creative outlet do you do just for fun? 

Outside of the occasional puzzle, I really like to draw and/or paint.

3. Have you used art and/or design as a form of resistance when it comes to social justice? If so, how? What is social justice to you?

Definitely. I haven't personally created anything for this purpose, but I think it's evident that design/art can be used as a form of resistance. You see it in the amount of posters, tees, IG graphics, etc. that have been created during this time. Social Justice is making sure we're all treated equally — from distribution of wealth to access to basic human rights. It means breaking down the structures that don't allow us to live in a fair society. 

4. Do you and your wife work on any creative projects together?

From time to time we tackle a creative project together, most recently, it's our wedding book. 

 5. What’s been your favorite unexpected hobby picked up while staying at home? 

I haven't picked up any unexpected hobbies while staying at home, but I have been able to focus on the next iteration of Uniform Journal. Hoping to go live with that soon!



#StayHomewithmultee is a series aimed at capturing the people who have continued to inspire us as they navigate living, working, and creating from home. It highlights the sources they’re getting their creativity from as well as how they’re responding to the social justice movements at hand from the unique stay-at-home situation we’re all finding ourselves in.

All photos were safely taken by Ja Tecson at a distance while wearing a mask. Interviews were conducted via Zoom.