(multee)project x COFFEE MANUFATORY Limited Edition Espresso Set

(multee)project has announced a partnership with the well-known San Francisco Tartine Manufactory and Tartine Bakery’s latest venture, “Coffee Manufactory,” to create a limited edition espresso set. A beautiful (multee)project 3oz black ceramic espresso cup is paired perfectly with a 40g bag of Coffee Manufactory Signature 01 Espresso Beans for the daily ritual.

Coffee Manufactory’s dedication for the flavor, craft, and experience along with their ethos to produce exceptional farm to cup coffee ensures quality and freshness with each drink. Each of their coffees are sustainably and transparent to the source. The Signature 01 Espresso Beans feature a wonderfully balanced blend of ripe plum acidity and honeydew sweetness. The versatile beans can be brewed as both espresso and drip coffee.

With the holidays around the corner, for a limited time and while supplies last, we will offer the special edition espresso set as a complimentary gift for customers who spend $50.00 or more on the webstore.

November 08, 2016 by Brian Chen