Less and More

Less and More

Less and More, (multee)project's first menswear collection, is the embodiment of our perspective on menswear and functional fashion.  

In a time of boundless progression driven by technology, the temptation to create designs driven solely by advancement makes it easy to lose sight of values that make the classics timeless. Combined with our respect for utility, we work in tandem with advancements in technology to improve upon classic menswear silhouettes. Enhanced with self-cleaning NanoSphere® technology, materials used in the collection are functional in multiple climates and settings - suitable both as workwear or casual wear. 

Placing heavy emphasis on subtlety, we concentrate on the essential qualities of each piece and strive to abandon the burden of excess. To us, beauty lies within the details, embodied by the simplicity of clean lines.

For the collection lookbook, we created a progressive journey, exploring the contrast between the coldness of urban concrete and the warmth of nature. The clash of colors, texture and contours enlivened our imagination, so we mingled, removed and rearranged these elements to present something out of a hyper-realistic dream.

Video lookbook directed by Marat Shaya and photography by Brandon Shigeta

The Less and More collection is now available for purchase here