Matte Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When I first started the design concept for the Type-1 Carabiner, I knew I wanted to add some unique colorways to the collection. During the process of choosing the metal finishes, I decided to sample some painted matte finishes since I’ve always been a fan of the matte finish look on hardware. The result was exactly what I wanted, and I love the look and feel of the finish on our carabiners.


While finalizing the colorways for our matte finish series, we knew we wanted to create a special pink version to sell during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tina has had several people in her life affected by breast and other forms of cancer, so it meant a lot her to be able to have a product that would bring awareness to breast cancer issues. For every Type-1 Carabiner in Matte Pink sold, we will donate $5 benefitting breast cancer research and treatment programs.


The Type-1 Carabiner in Matte Pink is available only until October 31st, so make sure to get yours here now.