Type-1L Carabiner

Last year, during the design process of our Leather Goods Project, I was able to experiment with different ways of using leather. We really enjoyed working with our LA leather artisans for our Leather Mouse Pad and Leather Envelope Card Case, so I knew we had to work some more leather into our accessories collection. I wanted to find a way to combine the softness and the natural feel of leather with the hardness of metal of the Type-1 Carabiner.

The first challenge for me was how to add the leather element on to the Type-1 Carabiner design without affecting the carabiner’s function. The other challenge was to figure out what type of leather would work for the design.

For the first sampling process, I chose to use Homerun leather, which is the same leather used for the (multee)project Leather Envelope Card Case. However, after receiving the first product samples, I learned that the Homerun leather was too soft and lost its shape once it was wrapped around the Type-1 Carabiner. The second sampling run was a success. We went with the premium Latigo leather, finished with a contrasting single needle stitch and used a heat embossing technique for the (multee)project logo branding. The combination of textures had just the right balance that I wanted for this product.

Type-1L Carabiner available in limited quantities of Anti-Silver & Brass.