Wabi-sabi Concrete Coaster Set

Wabi-sabi Concrete Coaster Set

I’ve always been inspired by the Japanese architect, Tadao Ando.  Last year, Tina and I even planned a trip to the Tadao Ando Art Museum in Taichung just to get our portraits taken there for (multee)project’s “About” section.  His core concepts of simplicity in design had great influence in my philosophy behind (multee)project.  Concrete is one of my favorite mediums, and many of his architectural works are constructed with concrete, conforming to his idea of minimalism representing the beauty of simplicity.  So to pay homage to one of the greatest influencers in my theory of design, we created the Wabi-sabi Concrete Coaster Set.

We wanted to incorporate concrete into something that we use everyday.  It would be functional yet still look good laying on the table, following the (multee)project philosophy of functionality in design.  As avid coffee and tea drinkers, we decided that a coaster set would be a great addition to our accessory line.  Our concrete coasters are individually handmade in Massachusetts, utilize recycled granite and marble dust, and are boxed in custom (multee)project packaging.

The name “wabi-sabi” came about when I first encountered this Japanese aesthetic during my adolescent years growing up in Taiwan.  My grandma, who is Japanese, was the first to teach me about finding simple objects fascinating and beautiful, and she showed me that materials that change and age over time actually become more interesting.  The wabi-sabi aesthetic perfectly encapsulates our coaster set, as the handmade nature of each individual coaster yields a slightly aerated one-of-a-kind finish.  It falls in line with the wabi-sabi philosophy of simplicity, modesty, and the appreciation of imperfections that result from human craftsmanship.  Available in Bone White or Concrete Grey, each muted colorway can match any décor and is sealed to resist staining yet encourage the development of character/patina unique to each set.

The Wabi-sabi Concrete Coaster Set is made in the USA and now available for purchase in our webstore.