2-Way Folded Beanie

As (multee)project continues to evolve, I constantly remind myself that this platform is an ever-present opportunity for us to share the ideas, inspirations, and experiences based off of our lifestyle.  Running has always been a passion of mine, and with Tina training for her first half marathon this year, we spend a lot of time running together every day.  Many of our creative meetings are even held during our morning runs.  Living in Southern California, we’re lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors pretty much all year long.  Since Tina and I generally run in the early mornings or late at night when the temperature is much lower, wearing a beanie is a must.  However, I noticed that my closet was full of one set of beanies for running and a different set of beanies for everyday wear.  Running beanies generally have a sporty look, but I wanted a beanie that I could use for running as well as for everyday wear.  With that in mind, we created the latest addition to our accessories line, the 2-Way Folded Beanie.

Sticking to our minimalist philosophy, we looked to improve upon the traditional beanie design while adding functional updates to suit multiple climates and settings to create an accessory suitable for any situation.  Worn expanded, the soft oversized beanie provides extended coverage to protect the ears. When folded, our (multee)project signature outer label is hidden, offering a clean and minimalist design with the 3M reflective label as a clear indicator when shined upon when it’s dark outside.  

The 2-Way Folded Beanie (in Jet Black, Varsity Red, or True Navy) is made in the USA and is now available for purchase in our webstore. 

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