Working with leather / Part 3

After our (multee)project business cards were printed last year, I had a difficult time finding a business card case that I liked and wanted to use. When I started working on our leather goods project, I knew I wanted to design a card case of our own. The concept of the design came from my intrigue of paper envelopes and my admiration of the simple design. I wanted our card case to embody the same simplicity and practicality of paper envelopes, but with the richness and timelessness of leather.

 To achieve the look of an envelope, my first instinct was to use a magnet for the closure of the card case. 

A few weeks later, the first sample arrived. The verdict: the veggie-tanned leather card case looked good overall. However, it was obvious that the magnet closure didn’t look nor work as well as expected. It was a bit bulky and the magnet was not strong enough to keep it closed once I put a few cards in the card case. 

The idea to use a magnet for the closure failed… Oh well, on to the next one.

I made a few changes on the second card case sample. One of the benefits of working with local factories and keeping our production in USA is that I can work closely with the factories and make sure that the quality of the product is up to our standards. I chose the tan homerun leather for the second sample to give it a more premium leather feel and instead of the magnet, I changed the design so that it had a tuck-in tab closure. By getting rid of the magnet, the card case could stay flat and looked a lot cleaner. 

The homerun leather is very soft and feels great in the hand. I’m really happy with the way our leather card cases turned out.

The (multee)project Envelope Leather Card Case comes in Tan and Black.

The (multee)project Envelope Leather Card Case will be available for purchase on our webstore February 8th.