Working with leather / Part 2

We just received the first shipment of the (multee)project Leather Mouse Pad from our leather goods project. After going through all the original leather samples, I decided on the 8oz veggie tanned leather because I found its thickness and smoothness perfect for a mouse pad, and I also felt that the beauty of the natural leather color balanced really well with the silver Macbook Pro in my office. However, during the sampling process, I quickly learned that there was one minor detail with working with natural leather – because of the thickness and unique nature of veggie tanned leather, the mouse pads arrived in its natural state and I had to personally preserve them before they would be ready for use. Here are the simplified steps I used to preserve our Leather Mouse Pad.

Soak the (multee)project Leather Mouse Pad in water and allow the leather to absorb the water for about 10 seconds.

Wipe off the excess water from the Leather Mouse Pad.

Using a clean towel, press down with pressure to soak up any excess water from the Leather Mouse Pad.

Using a cotton cloth sponge, apply Fiebing’s 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil and rub the oil gently into the Leather Mouse Pad.

Place the now preserved Leather Mouse Pad on a clean paper towel and allow the oil to soak into the leather for about 10 minutes.

Find some heavy coffee table books to place on top of the preserved Leather Mouse Pad until the leather becomes completely dry and the weight of the books forces the Leather Mouse Pad to keep its new flat shape. 

The (multee)project Leather Mouse Pad is now ready. It also happens to perfectly complement the Magic Mouse.

The (multee)project Leather Mouse Pad also comes in Black.

(multee)project Leather Mouse Pad will be available for purchase on our webstore next month.


Photos by Vincent Lee