The Blue Period Collection

(multee)project introduces The Blue Period Collection. New and classic (multee)project garments have been stroked with blue both literally and figuratively. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period” of work, the new collection resides within a spectrum of blue hues and blue moods. The collection is underscored by a look book utilizing the same color palette, tones and inspiration source. Signature (multee)project outerwear, basics, fleece, and flannels have been carried over and filtered through the Blue Period lens. In keeping with their exploration of textiles and home design, a reversible Overdyed Flannel Throw is also included in the collection. 

(multee)project recruited Los Angeles based creative agency The Neue School to capture the contemplative and reflective moods of the line, and apply them to a blue tinged photoshoot. The Neue School team referenced some of the Spanish savant’s most iconic Blue Period pieces in the framing, poses and composition of the look book photos. 

The (multee)project Blue Period Collection is available here

March 23, 2016 by Brian Chen
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